Chronology of Ginling College



November 13, The Board of Control elected the first president of the college, Mrs. Lawrence Thurston, - Reviewing and preparation for the opening of the college.

1.        The first college house – Li Mansion (The house of one hundred rooms).

2.        Name – Ginling Nuzi Daxue



College was opened on the 17th of September with 11 students. Courses were Chinese, English Literature, Rhetoric, Religion, Hygiene, and Drawing.



Sister relationship was established with Smith College in Mass., U.S.A..



In June, the wave of student strikes in Beijing reached

Nanjing. All schools went on strike. Ginling College went

along for two weeks, then faced the ordeal of final

examination without the usual review.


The first class of five graduated and took their degree in June.



After the college opened in 1915 with 11 students, class size increased steadily, by 1921 there were 70 students.



New Campus with 6 buildings were dedicated on Oct 31.



Many political concerns and issues consumed the school



Eight foreign powers had joined in an ultimatum to the Chinese government. Students in Beijing organized a demonstration to protest against the government’s weak - kneed policy.  Several students were killed and number of others were wounded. A simultaneous demonstration took place in Nanjing.



Tempest – Anti-foreigners feeling. The foreign faculty of Ginling College had to go to Shanghai for safety. The Board of Control and the executive committee had to elect a new executive committee of which Mrs. New Way Sung (Ginling 1919 Graduate) was elected chairman. The foreign members of the faculty in Ginling, including the president, offered their resignations to facilitate the adjustment to a new administration under Chinese leadership. It was necessary not only to make it possible for the institution to be registered by the government, but to meet the spirit of the times. The executive committee voted “to recommend to the board of control and through them to the Ginling College committee that Miss Wu Yi-Fang be invited to become president of Ginling College”.



Dr. Wu Yi Fang took up the responsibilities of the president of Ginling College on July 1, 1928.



Problem of government Registration (religion issue) was solved.  Ginling Women’s University was renamed Ginling College.



New buildings – Library, administration building, chapel and music building were completed.



Japanese attacked Lugouqiao on July 7th.  On August 15th Japanese planes began their bombing of Nanjing daily. Ginling College developed 3 centers.

  1. Shanghai in cooperation with St. John’s university and university of Shanghai.

2.    Wachang at Huachung university

3. Chengdu at west-China union university.



All students and faculty members who could do so planned to move to Chengdu. Opening date for the college was November 1, 1938. Ginling campus in Nanjing became refuge center for the protection of helpless women & children.



June 11th, six bombs fell on the campus in the early evening. Two or three fell very close to the Ginling dormitory.



The Home Economics department was established.



Rural services station was started in Renshou County, Sichuan Province.



Government planned for training Ginling students to be interpreters, translators, nurses, and communications officers for the need of The Anti-Japanese war.



World War II ended in August.


Dr. Wu Yi-fang attended the United Nations’ ‘League of Nations’ conference held in San Francisco, CA. 1945.  She was the only woman representative of China and was the first female representative to sign among the 160 signatories of the UN charter as representative of their Government.



Students and faculty began returning to Nanking by truck in April and May, from Cheugtu. They passed Paochi, Xi’an, Luoyang, Xuzhou en route to Nanjing.



Start rural station in Cunhua Zhen, suburb of cit of Nanjing.



Communist regime began.



The government combined Ginling College with the University of Nanjing to form a national institution named the National Ginling university.



A nationwide adjustment of colleges and universities was validated by the Government, and the Nanjing Teacher’s College was established on the old campus of Ginling Women’s College.


The Ginling Association of American (GAA) was organized by the alumnae from Ginling Women’s College(GCAA).



The alumnae of Ginling Women’s college in Taiwan started the founding project for Taipei Ginling Girls High School.  In March, the founding committee was established and chaired by Ms. Lillian Chen.



The alumnae of Ginling Women’s College of America attended first Ginling Association of American biennial meeting in Washington D.C.



On March 27th, The Board of Directors of Taipei Ginling Girl’s High School was established and chaired by Ms. Lai, Sun De-fang. The first semester began in September with total 54 students enrolled.



In order to prepare students for a successful life in the future, the Home Management class, the first of its kind in Taiwan, offered to junior year students. The class was mandatory and students were required to live in the home management practice houses on campus for one month.



Ginling Girls High School celebrated their 10th anniversary. The book of ‘10 years of Ginling’ was published.



Dr. Wu Yi-fang received alumnae council’s Athena award from University of Michigan.  She also attended the biennial meeting in Warwick, New York. This year was the 60th years of graduation anniversary of Ginling’s first class and Dr. Wu was one of them.

The Ginling Alumnae Associations were established in Nanjing, Shanghai, Beijing of China.



The first delegation of Ginling Association of America attended 68th anniversary of Ginling Women’s College in Nanjing, China.



Nanjing Teacher’s College was reorganized, and became Nanjing Normal University.



Dr. Wu Yi-fang passed away on November 10th, 1985 in




Dr. Wu Yi-fang memorial fund was established.  The project of re-founding the Ginling Women’s College took off.



With the ratification of the Government of Jiangsu Province, Ginling Women’s College was re-founded at the original site. Total of 16 students were enrolled for the first year.



The alumnae of Taipei Ginling Girls High School in America formed their organization Ginling Girls High School Alumnae Association in America (GGHSAA) and held their first biennial meeting in Pennsylvania.



Ms. Hsu, Hsiu-ying, The first principal of Ginling Girls High School in Taipei passed away. A memorial fund was setup in her honor.



The alumnae of GCAA and GGHSAA agreed on a joint biennial meeting in 1997.

GGHSAA and GCAA alumnae joint together attended the 40th anniversary celebration of Ginling Girls High School in Taiwan.



First GCAA and GGHSAA joint biennial meeting held in San Francisco, California. The reorganization of the association was proposed.



Professor Yu, Zhongxi, the President of Ginling Women’s College in Nanjing; and Professor Gan, Kechao of Food and Science and Nutrition visited Taipei Ginling Girls High School.



The principal, Ms. Huang, Sheng-lan, together with 75 staff members, of Ginling Girl’s High school in Taiwan visited Ginling College in Nanjing.


The GGHSAA and GCAA alumnae attended 85th anniversary of Ginling Women’s College in Nanjing. Now the Ginling College consists of four departments and two research centers: the Department of Applied English, the Department of Food Science and Nutrition, the Department of Accountancy and Financial Management, the Department of Labor and Social Security, the Center for Women’s Development and the Center for Home Economics Education and Community Development. The current student size is about 1260.



Nine days after New York 911 incident, GAA biennial meeting was held in Hawaii. Even with difficulties at that time, we still had over 140 attendees.


The GGHSAA alumnae attended the 45th anniversary of Ginling Girls High School in Taiwan.


The Constitution and By-laws of Ginling Association in America was passed in 2001 Biennial Meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii.



The bakery center of Ginling Nanjing Women’s college is designed as a teaching and research center for faculty and students. The Center has been appointed as the training base by All China Bakery Association.



The 25th GAA biennial meeting was held in New York City.  There were more than 200 attendees.


Established World Wide Ginling Website. Collected material from Ginling College(GGCAA), Ginling High school(GGHSAA), Ginling Women’s College in Nanjing and Ginling Alumini around the world.



The bakery center of Ginling Nanjing Women’s college hosted this year’s final of National California Cup Raisin Bread Baking Competition.


The 26th GAA biennial meeting was held in Los Angeles, CA.

San Francisco chapter alumni presented the GAA website regulations for review.


Approximate 30 alumni from the United States and Taipei attended the 90th anniversary of Nanjing Women’s College in Nanjing.




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