Ginling Association in America 1951 –


In 1951, it appeared that Ginling College might cease to exist. 

Fortunately this did not come to pass.  Our alumnae stepped forward and enthusiastically preserved and extended the Ginling tradition.


From 1952 to 1955 alumnae met annually.  Then, in deference to people’s busy schedules, we began meeting biennially and it has become a tradition.


Taiwan alumnae began fund raising for Ginling Girls High School in 1954.  With the enthusiastic support of alumnae in the United States the high school opened in 1956.


In 1979, Dr. Wu Yi fang, president of Ginling College (1928-1951), had received The University of Michigan alumnae council’s Athena award.  At that year’s  Ginling Biennial meeting, held in New York, she spoke eloquently of the  legacy of our Alma Mater.  Inspired by her moving speech Ginling alumnae began raising money to re-establish Ginling College.  The project was a big success and Ginling College was reinstated in 1987.  Sadly, Dr. Wu passed away on November 10, 1985 and never got to see her wish come true.


The biennial meetings have continued to be a success.  In 1997, Ginling Girls High School alumnae were invited to join their meetings and resulted in our first joint Biennial meeting which was held in the San Francisco Bay Area June, 1997 (Foster City, California) and it was an incredible success.  The 2001 biennial meeting was held from September 20-23 in Honolulu, Hawaii.  In spite of the 9-11 attack just 9 days earlier, over 140 alumnae members and their families were in attendance.   The constitution and by laws of the organization were reviewed and adapted by both the GCAA and GHSAA members in 2001.


We are now looking forward to our 25th Biennial Meeting to be held in New York City.  With the growing number of enthusiastic alumnae all over the world, we believe that the legacy of our Alma Mater will continue for many years to come.