Ginling association in America


constitution and by-laws




Article I - Name


The name of this organization is the Ginling Association in America, hereafter referred to as GAA.


Article II - Object


The purposes of this Association are to promote fellowship and welfare among alumnae, former students and faculty members of Ginling College and Ginling Girls’ High School who reside in the USA and Canada.


Article III - Membership


The membership of this association shall consist of members and associate members:


Section 1 - Members:


Alumnae, former students and faculty members of Ginling College and Ginling Girls’ High School who are residing in the USA and Canada shall be eligible for membership.


Section 2 - Associate Members:


Alumnae, former students and faculty members of Ginling College and Ginling Girls’ High School who do not reside in the USA and Canada, but who wish to share the fellowship through correspondence and Newsletters, may become associate members.


Article IV - Organization


The GAA shall be comprised of two independent and coordinate bodies; neither being subordinate to the other.  These bodies are:  the Ginling College Alumnae Association, and the Ginling Girls’ High School Alumnae Association.  These two bodies shall be heretofore referred to as GCAA and GGHSAA, respectively.  These two bodies shall be distinct in all aspects of organization and procedure, coordinated under the GAA.


Article V - Officers


Section 1 - Oversight Committee


The Officers of the GAA are the oversight committee, which comprised of the national officers of the two distinct GCAA and GGHSAA.  The oversight committee shall be responsible for the directing and maintenance of the coordinating functions of the GAA, without interfering with internal organizational functions of the two coordinate subsumed bodies, the GCAA and GGHSAA.


The current President of the GCAA shall fill the Chair of the GAA Oversight Committee.


Section 2 - National Committee


The National Officers of this Association shall consist of a President, a Treasurer, and a Secretary/Newsletter Editor.  These positions will be held in both coordinate bodies of the GAA.  This position will be separated



distinctly from each other.  The National Officers of both bodies of the GAA shall constitute the Executive Committee.


The GCAA and GGHSAA shall select their Officers from the organizing committees of the local chapter of the GCAA and GGHSAA, which have just hosted the Biennial Meeting of the GAA.


Vacancies occurring between biennial meetings shall be filled by appointment by the Executive Committee of Ginling College Association in America (GCAA) and Ginling Girls’ High School Association in America. (GGHSAA)


by – laws


Article I - Duties of Officers


Section 1 - The President shall plan and preside at all Oversight Committee, Executive Committee and Biennial Meetings, and perform such other duties as usually pertain to this office.


Section 2 - The Treasurer shall, subject to the authorization of the Executive Committee, collect and disburse the funds of the Association, keep accurate books of accounts, prepare a budget for the ensuing year, and make a report of the current financial condition at Oversight Committee and the Biennial Meetings.  She shall keep accurate lists of members who pay or do not pay their annual dues, and supply the lists to the President, the Secretary and the Newsletter Editor one month after the biennial election.  Upon closing the books, she shall transfer the books and all moneys in GAA accounts to the newly elected national treasurer.


Section 3 - The Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of all Executive Committee and Biennial Meetings and send copies of such minutes to the Chapter Chairpersons after each meeting.  She shall present an annual written report to the Executive Committee, and perform such other duties as usually pertain to this office.  She shall also assume the responsibility of preparing, publishing and distributing the Newsletter annually, with the assistance of two members appointed by her, if she so desires.


Article II - Dues


National dues for members and associate members are payable biennially, the amount to be determined at each biennial meeting following recommendation from the Executive Committee.  Chapters may also require dues for their local needs.  Members who fail to pay their dues for two consecutive years will be dropped from the mailing list.  Restoration to active membership shall be automatic upon resumption of paying dues.


Article III - Privileges and Responsibilities of Members


Section 1 - Each member in good standing is eligible to hold office, and to vote at the biennial business meeting in person.  She is entitled to receive regularly the Newsletter and other publications of the Association.


Section 2 - Associate members shall have all the privileges of members except those of voting and holding offices.


Article IV - Fiscal Year


The fiscal year of the Association shall begin one month after the Biennial Meeting, when all new officers, both on the National and Local levels, shall assume office.  All remaining funds must be passed on to the next national or local treasurer.



Article V - General Meeting


Section 1 - The organization (or, GCAA and GGHSAA) shall hold General Meeting biennially to conduct such business as may be necessary, and to provide time and an opportunity for informed fellowship among those attending.  The time and location is to be decided upon by the Oversight Committee of GAA.


Section 2 - the Executive Committee of GCAA and GGHSAA if deemed absolutely necessary may call additional general meetings.  The business conducted at such a called meeting shall be limited to the matter(s) for which it is called.


Article VI - Chapters


Section 1 - Chapters may be established as needed by GAA members living in relative proximity to each other.


Section 2 - Local Chapter’s Officers shall consist of a President, a Treasurer, and a Secretary.  Each shall be elected for a two-year term after the biennial meeting.


Section 3 - Each chapter maybe expected to take its turn serving as national chapter and hostess for a biennial gathering.


Article VII - Standing Committees


The Standing Committee(s) of this organization is (are):


          The Wu Yifang Memorial Fund


Additional committees may be established by the GAA membership at any biennial meeting.  The Executive Committee may also, at its discretion, establish additional committees and name the members (thereof).  Such committees shall be considered ad hoc until confirmed by membership vote at the following biennial meeting. 


Standing Committee may be dissolved only by majority vote at a regular biennial meeting.


Article VIII - Newsletter and Directory


Section 1 - The Association shall publish and distribute to all active members an annual newsletter and a biennial yearbook.   Additional issues may be published when special occasions warrant.


Section 2 - The Association shall keep the Directory of members up to date by issuing supplements from time to time.