Four years ago, we had our Golden Wedding Anniversary. Some of you attended the party.  During the party, The MC, Dr. Jackson Yang, asked me what my age was. I promptly answered that I was eighty. However, Jackson had the courtesy not to ask Anchen about her age. If he did, her answer would be "It's a secret". Today, Anchen can no longer hide her age.

    The other day, Mrs. Susie Wu asked me what is the animal in the year Anchen was born according to the Chinese zodiac. That is a polite Chinese way of asking about a person's age. I told her she is a pig, and I am a sheep. According the Chinese zodiac, "a sheep is most compatible with a pig." and "a pig's friends will be lifelong".  Of, course, I am not only one of her friends but also her husband. I must admit that we are very compatible.

    When we got married fifty four years ago, we took our wedding vow, " for better and for worse, in sickness and in health...." During the early days of our marriage, it was mostly "worse" rather than "better".  In the first few years our marriage, I was working in Princeton, RCA Laboratories and studying at the  Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute at the same time. Traveling 100 miles everyday, and we did not spend much time together. After I passed my qualifying exam, Anchen helped type my theses. That was no word processing nor Xerox machines. Every time there was a mistake, she must correct four sheets of carbon papers. After I joined Westinghouse, I decided to write a book on Integrated Circuits. Again, she toiled without word processing and Xerox machines.

    During my early career, I changed jobs many times, RCA, CBS, Westinghouse and University of Maryland, and we moved our home every three years. She did not mind moving from city to city. When we first moved to Pittsburgh, we did not know any friends there, but soon she made many life long friends. Her willingness to move, certainly helps my career.

      She has been helping many of her relatives. Our home has been the home her parents, her brothers, her nephews and nieces for different periods of time. The relative who stayed with us for the longest period is her niece, Hsien-Hsien---three and a half years. She could not speak English when she first came in 1979. Now she graduated from the University of Maryland and has a responsible job at the Smithsonian Institute. We are very proud of her.

       Anchen has been very active in the Ginling College Alumni Association, serving as the National Chairman at their Biennial Reunion for many years, and instrumental in merging the Nanking Ginling College Alumni Association and the Taiwan Ginling Middle School Alumni Association. She is also very active in the Chinese community. She was a found of the Organization of Chinese Americans. She has been a pillar of the Rho Psi , instrumental in admitting women to be members and changing it from fraternity to society.

     Professionally, she is a social worker. Except for the few years when she helped me to type my theses and book, she has always been working, at New York Presbyterian Hospital, New York Cornell Medical Center, Lowell Family Service, Pittsburgh Child Guidance Center, Prince George's Family Service, and Farifax Mental Health Center. After her retirement, she still maintains a private practice at home. She is a very good social worker. Social work is not a high paying job, but the work can be rewarding. Once a poor student having problem at school came to see her;  after her therapy, he received a straight A the next year. A person having difficulty to hold a job; after her therapy,   the man got a six-figure position. Another white childless couple had family problem at the brink of divorce; after seeing Anchen, not only did she reconcile with her husband, but they also went to China to adopt a Chinese girl and brought the baby to see Anchen. However, whoever comes to see her always has a problem, threatening divorce, suicide, etc., very stressful. I sometimes asked her, "why do you want to be a social worker?" Her answer has always the same: "I want to help people."

    Of course, the person who has received more help than anybody else is myself. I like to paraphrase President Lincoln to say: "All that I am and all that I will be, I owe it to Anchen."  I am lost in words to express my appreciation and my love. So I will sing a song, which can best express how I feel, namely "Silver Threads Among the Gold":

        Darling I am growing old, Silver threads among the gold;

          Shine upon my brow to day, Life is fading fast away.

       But my darling you will be will be , Always young and fair to me.

          Yes my darling you will be, Always young and fair to me.

       Love is always young and fair, What to do is silver hair;

          Faded checks or steps grown slow, To the hearts that beat below.

       Since I kissed you mine alone alone, You have never older grown.

          Since I kissed you mine alone, You have never older grown.

      Darling I am growing old, Silver threads among the gold;

          Shine upon my brow today, Life is fading fast away.