The purpose of this website is to provide

communication among Ginling communities worldwide.

To keep everyone informed of all related current

and future events of Ginling Association and a

gleam of Ginling history. 

Site Maintenance


The Web site maintenance responsibilities will

rotate among local chapters of the Ginling

Association in North America.  The roles and responsibilities will be determined among all

Local chapters.


The responsible chapter will decide on all the financial and technical issues associated with maintaining the site.

Website Workgroup


Each chapter will create their own Website team.

The responsible team must approve the contents

of all sent in materials. Any design changes must

be approved by the central committee.


The Microsoft products (i.e., Word, Excel…) will

be used as the standard tools for GAA WEB site.

The WEB Site should be updated monthly/quarterly

with latest news. All chapters must agree upon

changing of tools. The decision in using Microsoft

products is because it is free and familiar to

majority of users.


Revise Date: May 21, 2003