Ginling Association in America (GAA) held its first biennial meeting in New York City in 1951.  The mission of the organization was to promote friendship and support among the alumnae and to establish Ginling Girls’ High School in Taipei, Taiwan.  In 1956, GAA succeeded in their mission to establish the high school. Since the first meeting, a core group of GAA members in the United States and Canada have conducted biennial meetings throughout North America, continuing to promote alumnae friendships and mutual support.


In order to continue Ginling’s tradition and the spirit of “Abundant Life,” the Ginling Girls’ High School Alumnae Association (GHSAA) was established under the leadership of its first principal Hsu Hsiu-ying.  That group held its first biennial meeting in Pennsylvania in 1993.  


Four years later, in 1997, GAA and GHSAA held their first joint meeting in Foster City, California.  The event was an enormous success and it established a solid foundation for two generations of Ginling alumnae to work together as one.  This wonderful tradition will continue to flourish through the efforts, hard work, and camaraderie between GAA and GHSAA members.


Within this website, you will find pictures and information from the past 50 years.  We will continue to update this website as more information is obtained to share with all of our members.


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