Welcome to the website of Ginling Association in America, an organization with over one thousand members comprising alumnae of the Ginling College in Nanjing, China, and the Ginling Girls’ High School in Taipei, Taiwan.  This website is intended to provide an account of the activities of the alumnae chapters, and also to act as a resource for both current and historical information about Ginling College’s and Ginling Girls’ High School’s fascinating eighty-eight year history.


Ginling College was founded in 1915 as the first College for Women in China.  By 1919, the college had graduated the first women in China with fully accredited degrees.  Always intimately involved with the tumultuous political upheavals taking place in China in the 20th century, the school endured student strikes and location changes, acted as a refugee camp for women and children during Sino-Japanese War, and the Communist takeover before finally merging with Nanking University in 1951, to form National Ginling University.  In the fall of 1956, several alumnae who had moved to Taiwan founded Ginling Girls’ High School.


Ginling-educated women of many generations today live under different political systems and on different continents.  It is amazing that these former students have come together as the Ginling Association in America, through which they can truly live out the school’s motto “ABUNDANT LIFE” with great spirit.